Psalms 96


The LORD is Great

When the house was built after the captivity; an ode to David.

1Sing to the  lord [2song 1a new]! Sing to the  lord all the earth! 2Sing to the  lord! Bless his name! Announce good news day by day of his deliverance! 3Announce among the nations of his glory, and among all the peoples of his wonders! 4For great is the  lord, and praiseworthy -- exceedingly. He is fearful above all the gods. 5For all the gods of the nations are demons; but the  lord [2the 3heavens 1made]. 6Acknowledgment and beauty are before him; holiness and majesty are in his sanctuary. 7Bring to the  lord, O families of the nations! Bring to the  lord glory and honor! 8Bring to the  lord glory for his name! Carry sacrifices, and enter into his courtyards! 9Do obeisance to the  lord in [2courtyard 1his holy]! Let [4shake 5before 6his face 1all 2the 3earth]! 10Say among the nations that, The  lord reigns! For even he set up the inhabitable world which will not be shaken. He shall judge peoples in straightness. 11Let [3be glad 1the 2heavens], and let [3exult 1the 2earth]! Let [3be shaken 1the 2sea], and the fullness of it! 12[3shall rejoice 1The 2plains], and all the things in them. Then [6shall exult 1all 2the 3trees 4of the 5forest] 13from the face of the  lord, for he comes; for he comes to judge the earth. He shall judge the inhabitable world in righteousness, and peoples in his truth.
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