Psalms 97


The LORD Reigns in Justice and Judgment

A psalm to David; when his land is established.

1The  lord reigned. Exult, O earth! Let [3be glad 2islands 1many]! 2There is a cloud and dimness round about him; righteousness and judgment are the success of his throne. 3Fire [2before 3him 1shall go forth], and it shall blaze round about his enemies. 4[2appeared 1His lightnings] to the inhabitable world; [3beheld 4and 5shook 1the 2earth]. 5The mountains [2as 3beeswax 1melted away] from the face of the  lord; from the face of the  lord of all the earth. 6[3announced 1The 2heavens] his righteousness; and [4beheld 1all 2the 3peoples] his glory. 7[6were shamed 1All 2the ones 3doing obeisance to 4the 5carvings]; the ones boasting in their idols. Let [3do obeisance to 4him 1all 2his angels]! 8[2heard 3and 4was glad 1Zion]; and [4exulted 1the 2daughters 3of Judea] because of your judgments, O  lord. 9For you the  lord are highest over all the earth -- exceedingly. You were greatly exalted above all the gods. 10The ones loving the  lord detest evil. The  lord guards the souls of his sacred ones. From out of the hand of the sinner he shall rescue them. 11Light arose to the just, and [2to the 3straight 4in heart 1gladness]. 12[2should be glad 1The just] in the  lord, and make acknowledgment to the remembrance of his holiness.
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