Psalms 98


The LORD Reveals His Justice

A psalm to David.

1Sing to the  lord [2song 1a new]! for [4wonderful things 3did 1the 2  lord]. He delivered him by his right hand and [2arm 1his holy]. 2The  lord made known his deliverance; before the nations he revealed his righteousness. 3He remembered his mercy to Jacob, and his truth to the house of Israel. [6beheld 1All 2the 3ends 4of the 5earth] the deliverance of our God. 4Shout to God all the earth! Sing and exult and strum! 5Strum to the  lord with a harp; with a harp and voice of a psalm! 6With [2trumpets 1hammered metal], and the sound of the trumpet of the horn shout before the king of the  lord! 7Let [3shake 1the 2sea], and the fullness of it! the inhabitable world and all the ones dwelling in it. 8Rivers shall clap hand together. The mountains shall exult from the face of the  lord, for he comes. 9For he comes to judge the earth; he shall judge the inhabitable world in righteousness, and peoples in straightness.
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