Revelation of John 18


Babylon is Fallen

1And after these things I saw another angel descending from the heaven, having [2authority 1great], and the earth was enlightened from his glory. 2And he cried out in strength of voice, saying, Is fallen, is fallen, Babylon the great, and is become home of daimons, and a prison of every [2spirit 1unclean], and a prison of every [4bird 1unclean 2and 3detested]. 3For of the rage of the wine of her harlotry [4are given to drink 1all 2the 3nations]; and the kings of the earth [2with 3her 1committed harlotry]; and the merchants of the earth [2of 3the 4power 5of her indulgence 1were enriched]. 4And I heard another voice from out of the heaven, saying, Come forth from out of her, my people! that you should not partake together with her sins; and [4of 5her calamities 1that 2you should not 3receive]. 5For [3cleaved 1her 2sins] as far as the heaven, and [2remembered 3of her 1God] her offences. 6Render to her as also she rendered to you, and double up to her double according to her works! In the cup which she mixed, you mix to her double! 7So much as she glorified herself, and lived indulgently, so for that much you give to her torment and mourning! For in her heart she says that, I sit a queen, and [2a widow 1I am not], and [3mourning 1in no way 2shall I see]. 8On account of this in one day shall come her calamities -- death, and mourning, and hunger. And [2by 3fire 1she shall be incinerated], for [3is strong 1the Lord 2God], the one judging her. 9And [5shall weep 6for her 7and 8beat their chests 9over 0her 1the 2kings 3of the 4earth], the ones [2with 3her 1committing harlotry], and living indulgently, whenever they should see the smoke of her burning fire, 10[2from 3far off 1standing] on account of the fear of her torment, saying, Woe, woe to the [2city 1great], Babylon, the [2city 1strong], for in one hour [2came 1your judgment]. 11And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her, for [3their merchandise 1no one 2buys] any longer; 12merchandise of gold, and of silver, and [2stone 1of precious], and of pearl, and of linen, and of purple goods, and of silk, and of scarlet goods, and all wood of thyine, and every item of ivory, and every item of [2wood 1most precious], and of brass, and of iron, and of marble, 13and cinnamon, and incenses, and perfumed liquid, and frankincense, and wine, and olive oil, and fine flour, and grain, and cattle, and sheep, and horses, and coaches, and bodies, and souls of men. 14And the autumn fruits of the desire of your soul are departed from you; and all the lustrous things, and the bright things are destroyed from you, and no longer in any way shall you find them. 15The merchants of these things, the ones who enriched from her, [2from 3far off 1shall stand] because of the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning, 16and saying, Woe, woe to the [2city 1great], the one wearing fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and being gilded with gold, and [2stone 1precious], and pearls. 17For in one hour was made desolate so great a wealth. And every navigator, and all upon the boats sailing, and seamen, and as many as [2the 3sea 1work 5from 6far off 4stood], 18and crying out seeing the smoke of her burning fire, saying, What is likened to the [2city 1great]? 19And they threw dust upon their heads, and cried out, weeping and mourning, and saying, Woe, woe the [2city 1great], in which were enriched all the ones having the ships in the sea from her valuables, that in one hour she was made desolate. 20Be glad over her, O heaven, and the holy ones, and the apostles, and the prophets! for [2judged 1God] your case against her. 21And [4lifted 1one 3angel 2strong] a stone as [2millstone 1a great], and cast it in the sea, saying, Thus with impulse shall [5be thrown 1Babylon 2the 3great 4city], and in no way shall be found any more. 22And a sound of harpists, and musicians, and pipers, and trumpeters, in no way shall be heard in you any more; and every craftsman of every craft in no way shall be found in you any more; and the sound of a millstone in no way shall be heard in you any more; 23and the light of a lamp in no way shall shine in you any more; and the voice of the groom and bride in no way shall be heard in you any more. For your merchants were the great men of the earth; for by your sorcery [4were misled 1all 2the 3nations]. 24And in her the blood of prophets and holy ones was found, and of all the ones being slain upon the earth.
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