Romans 1


Chosen of Jesus Christ

1Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, a chosen apostle, being separated for the good news of God, 2which he preannounced through his prophets in [2scriptures 1holy], 3concerning his son, (the one born of the seed of David according to flesh; 4the one being confirmed son of God in power, according to spirit of holiness, by a resurrection of the dead) Jesus Christ our Lord; 5through whom we received favor and a commission, for obedience of belief among all the nations, for his name, 6among whom are also you, chosen of Jesus Christ. 7To all the ones being in Rome, beloved of God, chosen holy ones. Favor to you, and peace from God our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul's Desire to Go to Rome

8First indeed, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, that the belief of yours is announced in the entire world. 9[5witness 1For 4my 3is 2God], in whom I serve in my spirit in the good news of his son, how continually [2mention 3of you 1I make] at all times at my prayers, 10beseeching, (if by any means already at some time or other I shall prosper in the will of God) to come to you. 11For I long to see you, that some [3I should share 2favor 4with you 1spiritual] for your support. 12And this is to be comforted together among you through the [2that is in 3one another 1belief], both yours and mine. 13[2I do not 3want 1But] you to be ignorant, brethren, for often I purposed to come to you, and was restrained as far as until now, that [2some 3fruit 1I should have] also among you, as also among the rest of the nations. 14Both to Greeks and barbarians, both to the wise and unthinking -- I am a debtor.

The Just Shall Live of Belief

15So as to me there is an eagerness also [2to you 3the ones 4in 5Rome 1to announce good news]. 16For not am I ashamed of the good news of the Christ; [3power 1for 4of God 2it is] for deliverance to every one trusting; both to the Jew first, and to the Greek. 17For righteousness of God [2by 3it 1is revealed] from belief unto belief; as has been written, But the just [2of 3belief 1shall live].

God's Anger Uncovered

18[4is uncovered 1For 2anger 3of God] from heaven upon all impiety and unrighteousness of men, of the ones [2truth 3in 4unrighteousness 1constraining]. 19Because the thing made known of God is apparent among them; for God made it apparent to them. 20For his unseen attributes from the creation of the world to the actions being comprehended are looked at, both his everlasting power and divinity, for them to be inexcusable. 21Because having known God, [2not 3as 4God 1they glorified him], or gave thanks; but acted in folly in their thoughts, and [4was darkened 2senseless 1their 3heart]. 22Maintaining to be wise, they became moronish; 23and they bartered the glory of the incorruptible God for a representation of an image of corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed creatures, and reptiles. 24Therefore also [2delivered them up 1God] in the desires of their hearts unto uncleanness, to dishonor their bodies among themselves; 25the ones who changed over the truth of God in the lie, and worshiped and served to the created thing over the one having created it, who is blessed into the eons. Amen. 26On account of this [2delivered them up 1God] unto passions of dishonor. For both their females changed over the physical use unto the one against nature. 27[3in like manner 2indeed 1And] the males leaving the physical use of the female, burned away in their lust for one another -- males with males [2indecency 1manufacturing], and [4the 5compensation 6which 7was a necessity 8of their delusion 2in 3themselves 1accepting]. 28And as they tried not to hold God in full knowledge, [2delivered them up 1God] unto a debased mind, to do the things not fitting; 29being filled with all unrighteousness, harlotry, wickedness, desire for wealth, evil, full of envy, murder, strife, treachery, depraved morals, whisperers, 30speaking vulgarities, hating God, insulting, proud, ostentatious, devisers of evils, to parents resisting persuasion, 31senseless, contract-breakers, unaffectionate, hostile, unmerciful; 32the ones who [2the 3ordinance 4of God 1recognizing], (that the ones [2such 1acting 4worthy 5of death 3are]) not only do the same, but also are assenting with the ones acting such.
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