Romans 12


Living Sacrifices

1Then I exhort you, brethren, by the compassions of God, to present your bodies [2sacrifices 1living], holy, well-pleasing to God, the rational service of yours. 2And be not conformed to this eon, but be transformed in the renewal of your mind, in the trying of yourselves, in what is the [6will 7of God 1good 2and 3well-pleasing 4and 5perfect]! 3For I say by the favor being given to me, to every one being among you, to not be high-minded above what you must think; but to think to be of a sound mind; to each as God portioned a measure of belief.

Many Members but One Body

4For just as in one body [3members 2many 1we have], [3the 1but 4members 2all] do not [2the 3same 1have] action; 5thus [2the 3many 4are one 5body 1we] in Christ, and each one [2of one another 1members]. 6But having [2favors 3according to 4the 5favor 6being given 7to us 1diverse]; whether prophecy, let it be according to the ratio of the belief; 7whether service, in the service; whether the teaching, in the instruction; 8whether the comforting, in the comfort; the sharing, in simplicity; the being in charge, with diligence; the showing of mercy, with happiness; 9the love, unpretentious; abhorring the evil; cleaving to the good; 10in the brotherly affection, [2for 3one another 1having a strong natural affection]; in the honor, [2for one another 1giving preference]; 11in the diligence, not lazy; in the spirit, bubbling; to the Lord, serving; 12in the hope, rejoicing; in the affliction, enduring; in the prayer, constantly attending to; 13in the needs of the holy ones, participating in; the hospitality, pursuing. 14Bless the ones persecuting you! bless and do not curse! 15Rejoice with ones rejoicing! and weep with ones weeping! 16[2the 3same 4to 5one another 1Be thinking]; not the high thinking, but [2the 3lowly 1associating with]; do not become intelligent for yourselves! 17To no one [2bad 3for 4bad 1rendering]. Thinking beforehand good things before all men. 18If possible, as to yourselves, with all men being at peace; 19not by yourselves avenging, beloved, but give place to wrath! For it has been written, Vengeance is mine, I will recompense, says the Lord. 20If then [2should hunger 1your enemy], feed him! If he should thirst, give him a drink! For this doing [2coals 3of fire 1you shall heap] upon his head. 21Be not overcome by the evil, but overcome [3by 4the 5good 1the 2evil]!
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