Romans 3


Benefit of Circumcision

1Then what is the extra thing of the Jew, or what is the benefit of the circumcision? 2Much in every manner. For indeed first that they were trusted with the oracles of God. 3For what if some disbelieved? Does their unbelief [2the 3belief 4of God 1cease to work]? 4May it not be. [2let 4be 1But 3God] true, and every man a liar, as it has been written, That you should be justified in your words, and should overcome in your being judged. 5But if our unrighteousness [2God's 3righteousness 1commends], what shall we say? is [2unjust 1God], the one bearing upon the anger? (according to man I speak.) 6May it not be; since how shall God judge the world? 7For if the truth of God [2in 3my 4untruth 1abounded] to his glory, why yet also I as a sinner am judged? 8and not, as we are blasphemed, and as some say we say, that, We should do the bad things that [3should come 1the 2good things]. Their judgment is just.

All are under Sin

9What then, Do we have an advantage? Assuredly not. For we showed before, both Jews and Greeks, all [2under 3sin 1to be]; 10as it has been written, There is not a just man, not even one; 11there is not one perceiving; there is not one seeking after God. 12All have turned aside, together they became useless; there is not one having graciousness; there is not even one. 13[3is a tomb 2having been opened 1Their throat]; with their tongues they use deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips; 14whose mouth [2of curse 3and 4bitterness 1is full]; 15keen are their feet to pour out blood; 16destruction and misery are in their ways; 17and the way of peace they knew not. 18There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Justified Without Charge

19And we know that as much as the law says, [2to the ones 3in 4the 5law 1it speaks]; that every mouth should be shut, and [5subject to trial 4should be 1all 2the 3world] to God. 20Because by works of the law [3shall not 4be justified 1all 2flesh] before him; for through the law is full knowledge of sin. 21But now [4separate 5of the law 1the righteousness 2of God 3has been made apparent], being witnessed by the law and the prophets; 22even righteousness of God through belief of Jesus Christ, unto all and for all the ones trusting; [3not 1for 2there is] a difference; 23for all sinned and lack the glory of God; 24being justified without charge by his favor, through the release by ransom, of the one by Christ Jesus; 25whom God set forth as an atonement through the belief, in the one of his blood, for a demonstration of his righteousness through the letting pass of the preceding sins, 26in the forbearance of God, for a demonstration of his righteousness in the present time; for his being just and justifying the one of belief of Jesus. 27Where then is the boasting? It was excluded. Through what kind of law? Of the law of works? No, but through a law of belief. 28We consider then [3by belief 2to be justified 1a man], separate from works of law. 29Or [3of Jews 1is God 2only]? But is he not also of nations? Yes, also of nations. 30Since indeed there is one God who shall justify the circumcision of belief and uncircumcision through the belief. 31Law then do we render useless through the belief? May it not be, But [2law 1we establish].
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