Ruth 2


Ruth Gleans Boaz's Field

1And to Naomi was a male acquaintance to her husband, and the man was mighty in strength of the kin of Elimelech; and the name to him was Boaz. 2And [4said 1Ruth 2the 3Moabitess] to Naomi, I should go indeed into the field, and gather among the ears of corn after of whom ever I should find favor in his eyes. And she said to her, Go, O daughter! 3And she went. And having arrived, she collected together in the field after the ones harvesting. And she fell by chance in the portion of the field of Boaz, the one of the kin of Elimelech. 4And behold, Boaz came from Beth-lehem, and he said to the ones harvesting, The  lord be with you. And they said to him, May [2bless 3you 1the  lord]. 5And Boaz said to his servant, to the one having been set over the ones harvesting, Whose young woman is this? 6And [7answered 1the 2servant 3attending 4over 5the ones 6harvesting] and said, She [4servant 2the 3Moabitess 1is] returning with Naomi from out of the country of Moab. 7And she said, I shall collect together please, and I will bring in the sheaves behind the ones harvesting. And she came and stood, from morning and until evening, she did not rest in the field a little. 8And Boaz said to Ruth, Did you not hear, O daughter? You should not go to collect into [2field 1another], and you should not go from here; [2here 1you join up] with my young women! 9And let your eyes be unto the field where ever mine should harvest! and you should go after them. Behold, I gave charge to the servants to not touch you. And when you shall thirst, then you shall go to the vessels, and you shall drink from where [3should draw water 1the 2servants]. 10And she fell upon her face, and did obeisance upon the ground, and said to him, Why is it that I found favor in your eyes to recognize me, and I am a stranger? 11And Boaz answered and said to her, By report it was reported to me all as much as you have done with your mother-in-law after the dying of your husband; and how you left behind your father, and your mother, and the land of your origin, and went to a people which you did not know yesterday and the third day before. 12May the  lord repay your work, and may [2be 1your wage] full from the  lord God of Israel, to whom you came to yield under his wings. 13 And she said, May I find favor in your eyes, O my master; for you comforted me, and because you spoke in your heart to your maidservant; and behold, I shall be as one of your maidservants. 14And [2said 3to her 1Boaz], Already it is the hour to eat; draw near here! for you shall eat of my bread loaves, and dip your morsel in the vinegar. And Ruth sat by the side of the ones harvesting, and [2heaped up 3to her 1Boaz] toasted grain, and she ate, and was filled, and left. 15And she rose up to collect grain, and Boaz gave charge to his servants, saying, Indeed, [2in the midst 3of the 4sheaves 1let her collect], and do not shame her! 16And indeed in setting aside, you set aside for her of the things being heaped up, and allow her! and she shall collect, and you shall not reproach her. 17And she collected in the field until evening, and she beat with a rod what she collected up, and it was about an ephah of barley. 18And she carried it, and entered into the city. And [3saw 2mother-in-law 1her] what she collected, and Ruth brought forth to give to her what was left of what she was filled up with. 19And [3said 4to her 2mother-in-law 1her], Where did you collect today? And where did you do it? May it be the one recognizing you a blessing. And Ruth reported to her mother-in-law where she did it. And she said, The name of the man with whom I did this today is Boaz. 20[3said 1And 2Naomi] to her daughter-in-law, Blessed is the  lord, for he abandoned not his mercy with the living and with the ones having died. And [2said 3to her 1Naomi], [3is near 4to us 1The 2man], of the ones acting as next of kin -- he is of us. 21And Ruth said to her mother-in-law, And also he said to me, [2with 3the 4young men 5of mine 1You cleave]! until whenever they should finish all the harvest which belongs to me 22And Naomi said to Ruth her daughter-in-law, It is good, O daughter, that you went forth with his young women, and they shall not meet with you in [2field 1another]. 23And Ruth cleaved to the young women of Boaz to collect until they completed the harvest of the barley, and the harvest of the wheat.
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