Ruth 3


Naomi Instructs Ruth

1And she stayed with her mother-in-law. And [4said 5to her 1Naomi 3mother-in-law 2her], O daughter, In no way shall I seek rest for you, that a good thing should happen to you. 2And now, is not Boaz a near acquaintance to us, of whom you were with his young women? Behold, he winnows at the threshing-floor of the barley this night. 3And you shall bathe, and anoint, and put your clothes upon yourself, and ascend unto the threshing-floor! You should not make yourself known to the man, until he finishes eating and drinking. 4And it will be at his going to sleep, that you shall perceive the place where he sleeps there, and you shall go in, and uncover the things by his feet, and you shall go to sleep. And he shall report to you what you shall do. 5[3said 1And 2Ruth] to her, All as much as you should tell to me I will do.

Ruth Follows Naomi's Instructions

6And she went down into the threshing-floor, and she did according to all as much as [2gave charge 3to her 1her mother-in-law]. 7And Boaz ate, and drank, and did good to his heart; and he went to go to sleep in a portion of the pile. And she came in secret, and uncovered the things by his feet, and she went to sleep. 8And it came to pass at midnight, that [3was startled 1the 2man] and disturbed; and behold, a woman slept at his feet. 9And he said, Who are you? And she said, I am Ruth, your maidservant; and you shall put your garment border upon your maidservant, for [2a relative 1you are]. 10And Boaz said, Being blessed are you by the  lord God, O daughter, for you did good in your mercy at the last over the first, [2to not 3go 1for you] after the young men, whether poor or whether rich. 11And now, O daughter, do not fear! All what ever you should say I will do for you. [6know 1For 2all 5tribe 3of the people 4of my] that [3a woman 4of ability 2are 1you]. 12And now truly [3a relative 1I 2am]; but indeed there is a relative in the land who is over me. 13You lodge the night! and it will be in the morning, if he should act as next of kin for you -- good, let him act as next of kin! But if he should not want to act as next of kin for you, [2shall act as next of kin 3for you 1I]. As the  lord lives, you go to sleep until morning! 14And she went to sleep at his feet until morning. And she rose up before [2could recognize 1a man] his neighbor. And Boaz said, Do not let it be known, that [2has come 1a woman] unto the threshing-floor! 15And he said to her, Bring the apron, the one upon you, and hold it! And she held it, and he measured out six measures of barley, and placed them unto her. And she entered into the city. 16And Ruth entered to her mother-in-law. And she said, What is it, O daughter? And she reported to her all as much as [3did 4for her 1the 2man]. 17And she said, [2six 3measures of barley 1these] he gave to me, for he said to me, You should not enter empty to your mother-in-law. 18And she said, Sit down, O daughter, until you realize how [2shall fall 1the matter]! for [3should not 4be still 1the 2man] until whenever he should finish the matter today.
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