Ruth 4


Boaz Redeems Ruth

1And Boaz ascended unto the gate, and sat there. And behold, the relative came near whom Boaz spoke of. And [2said 3to 4him 1Boaz], In turning aside, sit here in private! And he turned aside, and sat. 2And Boaz took ten men from the elders of the city, and said, Sit here! And they sat. 3And Boaz said to the one acting as next of kin, Concerning the portion of the field which is of our brother Elimelech, which he gave to Naomi, the one returning from out of the country of Moab, 4that I said to myself, I will uncover your ear, saying, You acquire it before the ones sitting down, and before the elders of my people! If you are a acting as next of kin, then act as next of kin! But if not acting as next of kin, announce it to me! and I shall know. For there is no one besides you to act as next of kin, and I am after you. And he said, I am. I shall act as next of kin. 5And Boaz said, In the day you acquire the field from the hand of Naomi, also of Ruth the Moabitess, wife of the one having died, even she [3acquire 1you 2must], so as to raise up the name of the one having died, for his inheritance. 6And [3said 1the 2relative], I shall not be able to act as next of kin myself, lest at any time I ruin my right of inheritance. [3act as next of kin 2yourself 1You] for my inheritance! for I shall not be able to act as next of kin. 7And this was the ordinance in former times in Israel for the right of inheritance, and for the equivalent, to establish every matter. [2untied 1A man] his sandal, and he gave it to his neighbor, to the one acting as next of kin for his right of inheritance; and this was testimony in Israel. 8And [3said 1the 2relative] to Boaz, You acquire to yourself my right of inheritance! And he untied his sandal and gave it to him. 9And Boaz said to the elders, and to all the people, You are witnesses today that I have acquired all the things of Elimelech, and all as much as exists to Chilion and Mahlon, from the hand of Naomi. 10And indeed, Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of Mahlon I have acquired for myself for wife, to raise up the name of the one having died, for his inheritance, and [5shall not 6be utterly destroyed 1the 2name 3of the one 4having died] from among his brethren, and from the gate of his place -- you are witnesses today. 11And [7said 1all 2the 3people 4at 5the 6gate], We are witnesses. And the elders said, May the  lord give your wife, the one entering into your house, to be as Rachel and as Leah, the ones who [2built 1both] the house of Israel, and did powerfully in Ephratah, and it will be a name in Beth-lehem. 12And may [2become 1your house] as the house of Pharez, whom Tamar bore to Judah. Of your seed may [2give 3to you 1the  lord 5of 6this maidservant 4children].

Boaz Takes Ruth for a Wife

13And Boaz took Ruth, and she became to him for wife. And he entered to her. And [2gave 3to her 1the  lord] conception, and she bore a son. 14And [3said 1the 2women] to Naomi, Blessed be the  lord who rested not to provide to you today a relative; and may he call out your name in Israel. 15And he will be to you for restoring life, and to nourish your gray hair; for your daughter-in-law, the one loving you, bore him, which is good to you above seven sons. 16And Naomi took the boy, and put him to her bosom, and became to him for a wet-nurse. 17And [3called 4to him 1the 2neighbor women] the name, saying, [2was birthed 1A son] to Naomi. And they called his name Obed. This one is father of Jesse, father of David.

Genealogy of Boaz

18And these are the generations of Pharez. Pharez engendered Hezron, 19and Hezron engendered Ram, and Ram engendered Amminadab, 20and Aminadab engendered Nahshon, and Nahshon engendered Salmon, 21and Salmon engendered Boaz, and Boaz engendered Obed, 22and Obed engendered Jesse, and Jesse engendered David.
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