Song of Solomon 4


The Bridegroom Enthralled with the Bride

1Behold, you are fair my dear one; behold, you are fair. Your eyes -- doves outside your veil. Your head of hair is as herds of goats, the ones who were revealed from Gilead. 2Your teeth are as herds of the ones being sheared, the ones which ascended from the bath, all bearing twins, and [2a childless one 1there is not] among them. 3[2are as 4string 3a scarlet 1Your lips], and your speech beautiful. [2are as 3a rind 4of the 5pomegranate 1your cheeks], outside your veil. 4[2is as 3the tower 4of David 1Your neck], the tower having been built for the armory; a thousand shields hang upon it, all the arrows of the mighty. 5[2two 3breasts 1Your] are as two [2fawns 1twin] of the doe, the ones feeding among the lilies. 6Until of which time [3should refresh 1the 2day], and [3move away 1the 2shadows], I will go myself to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense. 7Entirely fare is my dear one, and [2blemish 1there is no] in you. 8Come from Lebanon, O bride, come from Lebanon. You shall come and go through from the top of Trust, from the head of Shenir and Hermon, from the lairs of lions, from the mountains of leopards. 9You took my heart, my sister, O bride; you took my heart with one of your eyes, with one garland of your neck. 10How [2were beautified 1your breasts] my sister, O bride. How [2were beautified 1your breasts] above wine, and the scent of your garments above all aromatics. 11[3honeycomb 2drop 1Your lips], O bride. Honey and milk are under your tongue; and the scent of your garments is as the scent of frankincense. 12[2is as a garden 3being locked 1My sister], O bride; a spring having a seal upon it. 13Your dowries are a garden of pomegranates, with the fruit of fruit trees; camphor with spikenards. 14Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all the woods of Lebanon; myrrh, aloes, with all of the foremost perfumes. 15A spring of gardens; a well of water living, and gurgling from Lebanon. 16Awake, O north wind! And come, O south! and refresh my garden, and let flow my aromatics!
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