Song of Solomon 6


Each Seeking the Beloved

1Where did [2go forth 1your beloved man], O fair one among women? Where did [2look away 1your beloved man]? for we will seek him with you. 2My beloved man went down to his garden, to bowls of the aromatics, to tend in gardens, and to collect lilies. 3I am to my beloved man, and my beloved man to me -- the one tending among the lilies. 4You are fair, O dear one, as good-pleasure; beautiful as Jerusalem; a consternation as ones arranged for battle. 5Turn away your eyes from before me! for they incited me. The hair of your head is as the herds of the goats which ascended from Gilead. 6Your teeth as herds of the ones being sheared, the ones which ascend from the bath, all bearing twins, and [2one being childless 1there is not] among them. [2are as 4string 3a scarlet 1Your lips], and your speech is beautiful. 7[2are as 3the rind 4of the 5pomegranate 1Your cheeks] being seen outside your veil. 8[2sixty 1There are] queens, and eighty concubines, and young women which there is no number. 9[2is one 1My dove], my perfect one. She is the only one to her mother; the choice one is to the one giving birth to her. [2beheld 3her 1The daughters], and [2will declare her blessed 1queens], and indeed the concubines also shall praise her. 10Who is she, the one looking out as the dawn, fair as the moon, choice as the sun, the consternation as troops being set in order. 11Into the garden of walnuts I went down to behold among the produce of the valley of the rushing stream; to see if [3bloomed 1the 2grapevine], [3blossomed 1or if the 2pomegranates]. 12[2did not 3know 1My soul], it made me as the chariots of Aminadab. 13Return! return! O Shulamite. Return! return! and we will look to you.
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