Song of Solomon 7


The Shulamite

1What shall you see in the Shulamite? She comes as a company of the camps. How you do beautify your footsteps in sandals, O daughter of Nabad. The proportions of your thighs are likened to pendants -- works of the hands of a craftsman. 2Your navel is as [2basin 1a turned], not lacking mixed wine. Your belly is as a heap of grain shut up in lilies. 3[2two 3breasts 1Your] are as two fawns, twins of the doe. 4Your neck is as a tower of ivory; your eyes are as lakes in Heshbon, by the gates of the daughter of many. Your nose is as the tower of Lebanon, watching in front of Damascus. 5Your head upon you is as Carmel, and the braid of your head is as purple, with the king being bound by its passing by. 6How beautiful and how delicious, O love, in your luxuries. 7This your greatness is likened to the palm, and your breasts to the clusters of grapes. 8I said, I will ascend unto the palm, I will seize its heights; and [2shall indeed be 1your breasts] as clusters of grapes of the grapevine, and the scent of your nose as apples. 9And your throat is as [2wine 1good], going to my beloved man in straightness, suiting in my lips and teeth. 10I turn to my beloved man, and [2is towards 3me 1his turning]. 11Come, O my beloved man! we should go forth into the field; we should lodge in towns. 12We should rise early to the vineyards; we should see if [3bloomed 1the 2grapevine]; if [2bloomed 1the blossoms]; if [3bloomed 1the 2pomegranates]. There I will give my breasts to you. 13The mandrakes gave a scent, and at our doors are all the fruit trees -- new to old. O my beloved man, I kept them for you.
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