Zechariah 10


The Ransom of the People of The LORD

1Ask of the  lord for rain according to season, the early and late rain. The  lord made a visible display; and the rain of winter he gives to them; to each, pasturage in the field. 2For the ones declaring maxims speak troubles, and the clairvoyants [2visions 1false]; and [3dreams 2false 1they speak]. In vain they comfort. On account of this they dry up as sheep, and they were afflicted that there was no healing. 3[3over 4the 5shepherds 2was provoked 1My rage], and over the lambs I visit]. And [4will visit 1the  lord 2God 3almighty] his flock, the house of Judah. And he shall order them as [2horse 1his good-looking] in battle. 4And from him he looked out upon, and from him he ordered a bow in rage, and from him shall come forth every expedition by him. 5And they shall be as warriors treading mud in the ways in battle. And they shall deploy, because the  lord is with them, and [3shall be disgraced 1the riders 2of horses]. 6And I will strengthen the house of Judah. And the house of Joseph I will deliver. And I will settle them; for I loved them. And they will be in which manner when [3not 2them 1I disowned]. Because I am the  lord their God, and I shall take heed of them. 7And they will be as warriors to Ephraim, and [2shall rejoice 1their heart] as with wine. And their children shall see, and be glad, and [2shall rejoice 1their heart] over the  lord. 8I will signify for them, and I will take them in. For I will ransom them, and they shall be multiplied, in so far as they were many. 9And I will sow them among peoples, and the ones far off shall remember me. And they shall nourish their children, and they shall return. 10And I will turn them from out of the land of Egypt; and from the Assyrians I will take them in; and into the land of Gilead, and into Lebanon I will bring them; and in no way should there be left behind of them not even one. 11And they shall go through by [2sea 1the narrow], and they shall strike [2in 3the sea 1waves]; and [5shall be dried up 1all 2the 3depths 4of rivers]. And [5shall be removed 1all 2the 3insolence 4of the Assyrians]; and the staff of Egypt shall be removed. 12And I will strengthen them in the  lord their God; and in his name they shall boast, says the  lord.
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