Zechariah 13


The Removal of the Idols and False Prophets

1In that day [3will be 1every 2place] opening wide to the house of David and to the ones dwelling in Jerusalem for the removal and for the sprinkling. 2And it will be in that day, says the  lord of Hosts, I will utterly destroy the names of the idols from the land, and there will not be any longer a memory of them. And the false prophets and the [2spirit 1unclean] I will remove from the land. 3And it will be if [2should prophesy 1a man] still, and shall say to him his father and his mother, the ones engendering him, You shall not live, for [2lies 1you spoke] upon the name of the  lord; then they shall bind him (his father and his mother, the ones engendering him) at his prophesying. 4And it will be in that day [3shall be disgraced 1the 2prophets], each at his vision when he prophesies; and they shall put on [2hide covering 1a hair], because they lied. 5And he shall say, [2am not 3a prophet 1I], for [3a man 4working 5the 6ground 1I 2am]; for a man engendered me from my youth. 6And I will say to him, What are these wounds in the middle of your hands? And he will say, The ones which I was struck by in the house of my beloved. 7O broadsword, awaken against my shepherds, and against a man, my fellow-countryman! says the  lord almighty. Strike the shepherd! and [3were dispersed 1the 2sheep]. And I will bring my hand upon the shepherds. 8And it will be in that day, says the  lord, the two parts shall be utterly destroyed, and shall cease; but the third part shall be left in it. 9And I shall lead the third part through fire, and I will purify them as [2is fired 1silver], and I will try them as [2is tried 1gold]. He will call upon my name, and I will heed him. And I will say, [3my people 1This 2is]. And he shall say, The  lord is my God.
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