Zechariah 3


Clean Garments for the Great Priest

1And [2showed 3to me 1the  lord] Joshua the [2priest 1great] standing in front of the angel of the  lord, and the devil standing at the right of him, being an adversary against him. 2And the  lord said to the devil, May the  lord reproach against you, O devil, and may the  lord reproach against you, the one choosing Jerusalem. Is this not a firebrand being pulled out of the fire? 3And Joshua was being clothed [2garments 1with filthy], and he stood in front of the angel. 4And the angel responded and said to the ones standing in front of him, saying, Remove the [2garments 1filthy] from him! And he said to him, Behold, I took your iniquities. And you clothe him in a foot length robe! 5And he said, Place also a mitre and [2turban 1a clean] upon his head! And they placed a mitre and [2turban 1a clean] upon his head. And they put [2around 3him 1garments]. And the angel of the  lord stood. 6And [4testified 1the 2angel 3of the  lord] to Joshua, saying, 7Thus says the  lord almighty, If [2in 3my ways 1you should go], and [2my orders 1should keep guard], then you shall litigate my house; and you shall guard my courtyard, and I will give to you ones pacing in the midst of these standing. 8Hear indeed, O Joshua the [2priest 1great]! you and your neighbors, the ones sitting down before in front of you. For [2men 3that are observers of signs 1they are]. For behold, I will bring my servant -- rising. 9For the stone which I put before the face of Joshua; upon the [2stone 1one 4seven 5eyes 3are]. Behold, I dig an excavation, says the  lord almighty; and I will handle all the injustice of the land in [2day 1one]. 10In that day, says the  lord almighty, you shall call together each his neighbor underneath a grapevine and underneath a fig-tree.
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