Zechariah 2


The Man with a Cord Measure

1And I lifted my eyes, and I beheld, and behold, a man, and in his hand was a measuring line of a surveyor. 2And I said to him, Where do you go? And he said to me, To measure out Jerusalem, and to see how great the width of it is, and how great the length. 3And behold, the angel speaking with me stopped, and another angel went forth to meet with him. 4And he said to him, Run and speak to that young man! saying, Fruitfully shall Jerusalem be inhabited because of a multitude of men and cattle in the midst of her. 5And I will be to her, says the  lord, a wall of fire round about, and [2for 3glory 1I will be] in the midst of her.

The Future Glory of Jerusalem

6Oh, Oh flee from the land of the north! says the  lord. For from out of the four winds of the heaven I will gather you, says the  lord. 7Unto Zion escape! O ones dwelling with the daughter of Babylon. 8Because, thus says the  lord almighty, After glory he has sent me out unto the nations, the ones despoiling you; for the one touching you is as one touching the pupil of his eye. 9For behold, I bear my hand against them, and they will be spoils to the ones serving them. And you shall know that the  lord almighty has sent me. 10Be happy and glad, O daughter of Zion! For behold, I come, and I will encamp in the midst of you, says the  lord. 11And [3shall take refuge 2nations 1many] unto the  lord in that day, and they will be to him for a people. And I will encamp in your midst, and you shall realize that the  lord almighty has sent me to you. 12And the  lord shall inherit Judah his portion upon the [2land 1holy], and will select still Jerusalem. 13Let [3show reverence 1all 2flesh] from in front of the  lord; for he was awakened from out of [2clouds 1his holy].
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