Zechariah 8


A Future Restoration of Israel

1And came to pass the word of the  lord almighty, saying, 2Thus says the  lord almighty, I have been zealous for Jerusalem and Zion [2zeal 1with a great]; even [2rage 1with great] I have been zealous over her. 3Thus says the  lord, I will return unto Zion, and I will encamp in the midst of Jerusalem. And [2will be called 1Jerusalem 4city 3the true], and the mountain of the  lord almighty, [2mountain 1the holy]. 4Thus says the  lord almighty, Yet shall sit down older men and older women in the squares of Jerusalem, each [2his cane 1having] in his hand because of a multitude of days. 5And the squares of the city shall be filled with boys and girls playing in her squares. 6Thus says the  lord almighty, Shall it be impossible in the presence of the remnant of this people in those days, no. Shall [2also 3before 4me 1it be impossible], says the  lord almighty, no. 7Thus says the  lord almighty, Behold, I shall deliver my people from the land of the east, and from the land of the west. 8And I will bring them, and they will encamp in the midst of Jerusalem; and they will be to me for a people, and I will be to them for God, in truth and in righteousness. 9Thus says the  lord almighty, Strengthen your hands, O ones hearing in these days these words from the mouth of the prophets, from which day [5was founded 1the 2house 3of the  lord 4almighty], and [3the temple 1from 2which day] was built. 10For before those days the wage of men will not be for profitability, and the wage of the cattle does not exist. And to the one going forth and to the one entering there will be no peace because of the affliction. And I shall send out all the men, each against his neighbor. 11And now, not according to the days prior will I do to the remnant of this people, says the  lord almighty, 12but I will show peace; The grapevine shall give her fruit, and the earth will give her produce, and the heaven will give its dew; and I will allot to the remnants of my people all these things. 13And it will be in which manner you were a curse among the nations, O house of Judah, and O O house of Israel; so shall I preserve you, and you will be a blessing. Be of courage and grow strong in your hands! 14For thus says the  lord almighty, In which manner I consider to inflict evil on you in [2provoking me to anger 1your fathers], says the  lord almighty, and I did not change my mind. 15So I was deployed and have considered in these days [2well 1to do] for Jerusalem and the house of Judah -- be of courage! 16These are the matters which you shall do. Let [2speak 3truth 1each] to his neighbor, and [2judgment 1peaceable], and [2righteously 1judge] at your gates! 17And [2each 5evil 6against his neighbor 3not 1let 4consider] in your hearts! And [4oath 3a lying 1do not 2love]! For all these things I detested, says the  lord almighty. 18And came to pass the word of the  lord almighty to me, saying, 19Thus says the  lord almighty, Fasting on the fourth month, and fasting on the fifth, and fasting on the seventh, and fasting on the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah for joy and gladness, and for [2holiday feasts 1good]; and you shall be glad, and [2truth 3and 4peace 1love]. 20Thus says the  lord almighty, Still there shall come [2peoples 1many], and dwelling [2cities 1many]. 21And shall come together ones dwelling cities to one city, saying, We should go to beseech the face of the  lord, and to seek after the face of the  lord almighty -- [3shall go 1even 2I]. 22And there shall come [2peoples 1many] and many nations to seek after the face of the  lord almighty in Jerusalem, and to atone in front of the  lord. 23Thus says the  lord almighty, In those days [3shall take hold 1ten 2men] of ones of all the languages of nations. And they shall take hold of the decorative hem of a Jewish man, saying, We shall go with you, because we have heard that God [2with 3you 1is].
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