Zephaniah 3


Woe to Jerusalem

1O the prominent and ransomed city, the dove. 2She did not listen to your voice; she did not take instruction; [2upon 3the 4  lord 1she had not relied], and to her God she did not approach. 3 Her rulers among her are as lions roaring. Her judges are as wolves of Arabia; they did not remain behind into the morning. 4 Her prophets [2carried by the wind 1are men] -- despisers. Her priests profane the holy things, and they are impious against the law. 5But the [2  lord 1righteous] is in the midst of her, and in no way shall he do an unjust thing. Morning by morning he executes his judgment in light, and it was not concealed. And he does not know injustice by exaction, and neither [2by 3altercation 1injustice]. 6I tore down the proud; [2were obliterated 1their corners]; I shall make quite desolate their ways thoroughly, so as to not travel through. [2vanished 1their cities] by reason of no one to exist nor to dwell in them. 7I said, Furthermore fear me, and receive instruction! and in no way shall you be utterly destroyed from before her eyes, for all as much vengeance as I brought upon her. Prepare! Rise early! [3is ruined 1all 2their gleaning]. 8On account of this wait for me, says the  lord, for the day of my rising up, for a testimony! For my judgment shall be for a gathering of nations, to take kings, to pour out upon them [3anger 2of my 1all], the anger of my rage. For [5by 6the fire 7of my zeal 4shall be consumed 1all 2the 3earth]. 9For then I will transfer upon the peoples one tongue for her generation, for all to call upon the name of the  lord, to serve him under [2yoke 1one]. 10From the limits of the rivers of Ethiopia I will welcome the ones of mine having been dispersed; they shall bring sacrifices to me. 11In that day in no way shall you be disgraced from all of your practices which you were impious against me. For then I shall remove from you the careless attitudes of your insolence, and no longer should you proceed to make great brag over [2mountain 1my holy]. 12And I will leave behind among you [2people 1a gentle], and humble; and they shall show reverence at the name of the  lord -- 13the remnant of Israel; and they shall not commit iniquity, and they shall not speak vanity, and in no way should there be found in their mouth [2tongue 1a deceitful]. For they shall feed, and shall lay in bed, and there will not be one frightening them. 14Rejoice, O daughter of Zion! Proclaim out loud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Be glad and delight yourself with [2entire 3heart 1your], O daughter of Jerusalem!

The LORD in the Midst

15The  lord removed your offences; he has ransomed you from out of the hand of your enemies. The king of Israel -- the  lord in the midst of you. You shall not see the bad things any longer. 16In that time the  lord shall say to Jerusalem, Be of courage, O Zion, do not neglect your hands! 17The  lord your God among you; the mighty one shall deliver you; he shall bring upon you gladness, and shall revive you in his affection; and he shall be glad over you with delight as in the day of the holiday feast. 18And I will gather your ones being broken. Woe, any taken [2upon 3her 1scorning]. 19Behold, I will act among you, because of you in that time. And I will deliver her being pressured; and [2her being thrust away 1will take]; and I will establish them for boasting and fame in all the earth. 20And their enemies shall be disgraced in that time, whenever [2well 3with you 1I should do], and in the time whenever I should take you in. For I will make you famous and for boasting among all the peoples of the earth, in my returning your captivity before your eyes, says the  lord.
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