1 Corinthians 12

The connection of these verses with each other is not very clear. The meaning would seem to be,—"You know that you were carried away by vain illusions when you were under the influence of the pretended inspiration of the pagan priests and oracles. You can be assured now that none but those who acknowledge Christ, can really speak by the Spirit of God."

The same Spirit; it is from the same Holy Spirit that they come.

Administrations; arrangements and measures of service and worship.

Operations; works. We are not, probably, to attempt to draw any nice distinctions of meaning between these several clauses. The general idea is, that the Christian church ought not to be rent by unholy divisions; for though, in the details of the functions which it exercises, there is much diversity, still there is but one Father, one Lord Jesus Christ, and one Holy Spirit, on which all centre and depend.

To profit withal; for his benefit, and for that of his brethren.

The word of wisdom; a wise and prudent mind or character.

The working of miracles; that is, miraculous power in general; one form of such power having been specified before.—Discerning of spirits. This expression seems to refer to a power of discerning the designs and motives of men, which the apostles sometimes exercised. (Acts 5:1-10, 13:9-11.)—Tongues; languages.

All these worketh, &c. The meaning is, that one and the self-same Spirit worketh all these; that is, it produces them.

Members; limbs and organs.—Christ; the body of Christ; that is, the church.

Baptized; initiated,—baptism being the ceremony of initiation.

More feeble; more delicate.—Are necessary. The words much more, at the commencement of the verse, are to be connected with the word necessary. The more delicate vital organs are more necessary than the others.

We bestow more abundant honor, by the clothing with which we adorn and cover them.

No schism; no division.

In particular; individually.

Prophets; preachers.—Helps; offices of assistance and coöperation.—Governments; offices of direction.

Are all, &c.; can all be.

And yet show I unto you, &c.; I will show unto you; that is, I will proceed to point out what is better than these gifts, viz., the grace of charity, as explained in the following chapter.

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