1 Corinthians 2

When I came to you; meaning when he first, went, to Corinth, and commenced preaching the gospel there, as related Acts 18:1-10.

The anxiety which Paul suffered on his first visit to Corinth is alluded to in the account in the Acts. (18:9, 10.)

In demonstration of the Spirit, and of power; that is, with power and energy imparted by the influences of the Holy Spirit.

The meaning is, that, though he had presented only the simplest elements of Christianity to the people of Corinth, in, first planting the gospel among them, still there were higher truths revealed which he was accustomed to present to those who had made more advanced attainments in religious knowledge.—Nor of the princes of this world; that is, not the wisdom held in estimation by the princes of this world. By the princes of this world may, very probably, be intended the leading influences and authorities by which the sentiment of the world is governed.

In a mystery; in the gospel, which was kept a mystery, that is, which remained unknown for many ages.—Unto our glory; to our advantage and honor, who are permitted to enjoin its blessings.

Known it; that is, the gospel,—the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, the Savior of men.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, &c.; that is, the natural faculties of man have not discovered them.—The things which God hath prepared; the plan of redemption from sin, of which the apostle had been speaking above.

Spirit of the world; worldly wisdom.

Receiveth not; comprehendeth not.

Judgeth all things; understandeth all things, that is, all spiritual truths.—Is judged of no man; his character and motives are not appreciated or understood by mankind in general.

Who? what natural man?—Instruct him; instruct the spiritual man.—The mind of Christ; the revealed will of Christ.

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