1 Peter 2

The word of the Lord; that is, the incorruptible seed, mentioned in v. 23, as that through which the believer is born again.

As newborn babes; referring to the mode of expression adopted in v. 23 of the preceding chapter.—Desire the sincere milk of the word; desire constant instruction in the principles of religious truth and duty.

Have tasted, &c.; have begun to experience the grace of God.

Living; durable, permanent.

A spiritual house; a spiritual temple. The meaning is that the community of believers forms such a spiritual temple, Jesus Christ being the corner-stone.—A holy priesthood. The metaphor is here suddenly changed,—the followers of Christ being now represented, not as the building, but as the priests officiating in it.

Elect; chosen.

The head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, &c. The meaning is, that the stone, being placed prominently and conspicuously at the corner, was at the same time a chief support of the building, and also an exposed projection, against which the careless would be most in danger of coming into collision, as it were; that is, a rock which they run against.—Whereunto; that is, to the destruction above described. (See Mark 14:21, Luke 22:22, Rom. 9:17-19.)

Were not a people; a people of God.

Your conversation; your conduct and demeanor.—In the day of visitation. It is uncertain what the sacred writer intended by this expression, though a great many conjectural interpretations have been offered by commentators.

Of man; that is, of the civil government.

Honor all men; treat them with the respect and the consideration which are their due.

These servants were in bondage. They are required to be submissive to their masters, and patient under the ills of their lot; for, however great may have been the wrongs they suffered, either in the very fact of being unjustly held in bondage by their masters, or in the particular acts of oppression which individuals endured, resistance, disobedience, or sullenness, on their part, would only have aggravated the evil.

Buffeted; reproached or punished in any way.

For even hereunto; that is, for this purpose, namely, that you might exhibit a spirit of patient endurance, under the pressure of injustice and suffering, in accordance with the example of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bare our sins; the penalty for our sins.—By whose stripes; by means of whose stripes.

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