1 Thessalonians 1

Silvanus, Silas. He was with Timothy, the companion of Paul, in preaching the gospel at Thessalonica, and had since joined him at Corinth (Acts 17:14, 18:5.)

Knowing—your election; having abundant evidence of it by the proofs mentioned above.

In power; with great effect.—In much assurance; with convincing evidence.

In much affliction, with joy, &c.; that is, having joyfully received the word, though in circumstances of great trial and affliction. For the nature of these circumstances, see Acts 17:5-10.

What manner of entering in we had, &c.; that is, what was the effect of our labors. The meaning is, that although Paul had been violently driven away from Thessalonica, so that he had no opportunity personally to witness the fruits of his labor, still the successful results which followed, had been fully made known to him by general report.

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