1 Thessalonians 2

At Philippi. The circumstances here referred to are related in Acts 16:12-40.—Contention; referring to the difficulties and dangers with which they had to contend.

Uncleanness; impurity of motive and design.

To be put in trust with; to be intrusted with.—Even so; that is, in accordance with the source of the commission,—namely, one received from God.

We might have been burdensome; we might have expected of you supplies for our wants.

Gentle; benevolent and kind. The meaning is, that their labors were freely given, prompted, like the care and attention bestowed upon infancy, by feelings of disinterested affection, and not by hope of reward.

Laboring night and day, &c. It would seem from this passage that Paul labored with his hands to provide the means of support in Thessalonica, as he did in Corinth. (Acts 18:3.)

Contrary to all men; contending against what would be for the welfare and happiness of all men.

The wrath is come upon them; they are utterly abandoned to sin, and their destruction is impending and sure.

Satan; referring to the opposition and threatening of his enemies instigated by Satan.

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