1 Timothy 3

A bishop; literally, an overseer, an officer holding a general charge and superintendence in respect to the affairs of the church, with powers and duties adapted, in many respects, doubtless, to the peculiar circumstances and habits of the times.

The husband of one wife; chaste.

Greedy of filthy lucre; eager after gain.

Not a novice; not a very recent convert to Christianity.

Of them which are without; of the people of the world in general.

Not double-tongued; that is, they must be honest and sincere.

The mystery of the faith; the gospel,—often spoken of as a mystery, on account of its having been long withheld from the knowledge of mankind.

Let these also first be proved; by time. As in the case of bishops, (v. 6,) they should not be novices.

Husbands of one wife; chaste.—Houses; families.

A good degree; a good standing and estimation.

In the house of God; in the church,—as is immediately indicated.—Ground; foundation.

Manifest in the flesh; in the person of Christ. (John 1:1, 14.) Justified in; vindicated by.

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