2 Corinthians 10

Am base. This expression is supposed to refer to some personal peculiarities of the apostle, such as have often characterized men of uncommon intellect, and which are more distinctly alluded to in v. 10.

That I may not be bold; that I may not have cause to be bold.—Confidence; severity.—Walked according to the flesh; acted in an unchristian manner.

Walk in the flesh; have our sphere of labor and warfare in this world.

To revenge; to condemn and punish.

Say they; that is, the enemies of Paul among the Corinthians.—His bodily presence, &c. Tradition states that Paul was small of stature, pale and emaciated in countenance, and of a form bent and unsymmetrical. This seems to have been made matter of reproach against him by his enemies.

The measure of the rule; the extent of the commission.

Beyond our measure; beyond our proper sphere.

That we shall be enlarged by you, &c. The meaning, is that, when their faith was established, he hoped that, through their instrumentality, there would be an extension of the kingdom of Christ into the surrounding regions.

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