2 Corinthians 12

A man in Christ; a Christian, referring doubtless to himself.—Caught up; suddenly transported.—The third heaven; the spiritual heaven, the abode of the blessed. It is often thus designated by Jewish writers, to distinguish it from the region of the clouds, which they called the first heaven, and that of the heavenly bodies, which was the second. It is called paradise in v. 4.

Commentators have indulged themselves in many fanciful speculations in regard to this statement respecting the entrance of the apostle into the spiritual world. We are not, however, authorized to add any thing to the account here given, or to understand by it any thing more than Paul intended that this language should distinctly convey; which is, simply, that he received a special mark and token of the divine favor, in being admitted to an unusual communication with the spiritual world, of the nature and circumstances of which, however, he purposely withholds all information.

Of such a one; of one receiving such a proof of the divine regard.—Of myself; of my own personal character and actions.

The abundance of the revelations; the greatness and extraordinariness of the revelation referred to above.—A thorn in the flesh; some peculiar and long-continued temptation or trial, the nature of which he chose to conceal.

Were wrought among you; that is, by him, when he went first to plant the gospel among them.

This wrong; if this be a wrong, forgive it.

The third time I am ready, &c. Once he had been among them; a second time he had intended to go, but circumstances had prevented. This, therefore, was the third time of his forming such a design.—The children. They were his children in a spiritual sense.

Though the more, &c.; that is, even though it should be so.

Be it so, I did not, &c.; that is, perhaps it is so said, namely, that I did not burden you, but being crafty, &c. The verses which follow contain his reply to this supposed charge.

That we excuse ourselves; that we wish to defend ourselves.

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