2 Corinthians 6

The grace of God; the favor referred to above, that is, the offer of reconciliation and pardon.

He saith; Isa. 49:8.

The ministry; the ministry, or instrumentality to which the gospel was intrusted, including probably here the whole body of believers.

On the right hand and on the left; protected by it on all sides.

By honor, &c.; whether our course leads through honor or dishonor.—As deceivers; as supposed deceivers, that is, being so regarded by men.

Not—in us, &c.; ye are not straitened in our affection for you, but in your own regard and affection forms.

For a recompense; that is, that they might make a suitable return for his kindness and love for them.

Unequally yoked together; joined with them in any of the pursuits or associations of life. This prohibition is often, though without reason, supposed to refer specially to marriage. It seems, however, to be more general in its meaning, referring to connections of every kind.—Unbelievers; idolatrous heathen. The term, as used here, cannot justly be considered as intended to include individuals not professedly pious in a Christian land. (See 1 Cor. 7:39.)

The unclean thing; the sinful pursuits and pleasures of the idolatrous world around them.

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