2 Corinthians 8

We do you to wit; we make known to you.

In a great trial; in a time of great trial.

To their power; to the extent of their power.

The fellowship of the ministering, &c.; the charge of conveying the contribution to those for whom it was intended.

Not as we hoped; not merely as much as we hoped.

Finish in you the same grace, call upon you to finish the work, by your contributions.

In this grace; liberality.

The forwardness of others; the readiness and zeal of others, that is, of the churches in Macedonia.

The grace; the goodness and mercy.

This language refers to the gathering of the manna. (Ex. 16:18,) and is used here as illustrative of the nature of Christian liberality.

The exhortation; the request which I made that he would go to you.

The brother, whose praise, &c. It is not known to whom Paul here refers. Some conjecture that it was Luke; others, Mark; others, Silas or Barnabas.

This grace; this gift; that is, the contribution before referred to.—And declaration of your ready mind; that is, to the manifestation of your ready liberality.

In this abundance; in respect to this property, namely, the money contributed.

For honest things; things reputable, free from all appearance of wrong.

Our brother. There are no means of ascertaining what individual is here referred to.

Whether any, &c.; if any.

And of our boasting, &c.; that is, show that the praises we have given you were deserved.

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