2 Peter 1

That—ye might be partakers of the divine nature; that is, that ye might share in the purity and holiness of God.

Charity; good-will to all mankind.

Forgotten that he was purged; forgotten that by his baptism he professed to be purged.

In this tabernacle; in the body.

Paul, as well as Peter, received warning, by revelation, of the sufferings which were before him. (Acts 20:22, 23.)

The apostle here refers to the transfiguration, which he witnessed in company with James and John. (Luke 9:28-36.)

Prophecy; referring to the predictions respecting the Messiah contained in the Old Testament, then in process of fulfilment, and so strongly confirming the truth of Christianity.

No prophecy—is of any private interpretation; that is, probably, the means of its interpretation are not found within itself. It can only be understood by being compared with the event. It is on this principle that the light of prophecy is represented in the preceding verse as a light beginning to shine, and which would increase as its fulfilment was gradually developed.

Spake as they were moved, &c. They delivered the message which was committed to them, though its full import, being known only to God, the event must reveal.

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