2 Timothy 2

To faithful men; as ministers of the gospel.

Hardness; hardship.

For masteries; in the athletic games common in those days as public amusements.—Lawfully; according to the rules and conditions established for the regulation of the game.

The meaning is, that the husbandman must labor before he can partake of the fruits; and so the toils and sufferings of Christ's service here must precede the rest and rewards of heaven.

My gospel; the gospel which has been intrusted to me.

Wherein; in preaching which.

Dead with him; dead to sin with him.

Their word; their influence.—Will eat as doth a canker; corrupting and destroying the spirit of piety.

The foundation of God; the foundation which God has laid,—meaning that portion of the professing church which he had established, as is indicated by what follows.—Let every one, &c.; that is, there was a test to determine the genuineness of discipleship, in the personal holiness which was manifested as the fruits of a religious profession.

A great house; here representing the house of God, namely, the church.

Purge himself from these; from the errors and follies above named.

Must not strive; must not dispute and contend.

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