Acts 22

License; liberty.—In the Hebrew tongue. Though he had spoken to the officer in Greek, he addressed the populace in the Hebrew, that being the language of the great mass of the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

The Hebrew tongue; which was their native tongue.

At the feet of Gamaliel; under the instruction of Gamaliel.

This way; those believing in this way; that is, the Christians.

Heard not the voice; understood it not. That they did hear the sound, is stated in the original account of the transaction. (Acts 9:7.)

According to the law; the Jewish law.

That Just One; Jesus.

Wash away thy sins. The water used in baptism has, of course, no actual efficacy in removing sin; and yet baptism is something more than a mere ceremony. Considered as an act by which the soul publicly acknowledges God, and becomes committed to his service, it has a powerful influence in promoting inward purification.

They gave him audience; they listened to him.—Unto this word; his speaking of the Gentiles as the objects of God's favorable regard.

Examined by scourging; a common mode of extorting confessions in those days, though forbidden in the case of Roman citizens.

This freedom; the privileges of Roman citizen.—Free-born; born in a city, Tarsus, upon which, perhaps, as a city, these privileges had been conferred; or else entitled to them personally through his parents.

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