Acts 19

Coasts; regions. The more interior provinces were so designated.

Disputing; publicly defending Christianity. In consequence of the opposition made by the Jews, he withdrew from the synagogue with those who adhered to him, and afterwards held his religious assemblies in the apartment of a private individual.

Asia; Asia Minor. Ephesus was a place of great resort for the whole country.

Vagabond; wandering; having no settled residence.

And the evil spirit answered and said. They who suppose that the cases of demoniacal possession were cases of common insanity, understand that this maniac had heard of Paul and Jesus through the long-continued preaching of the former in that community. The form of expression, however, certainly indicates that Luke considered an evil spirit as the real actor.

Fear; wonder and awe.

Curious arts; arts of divination, necromancy, and imposture.—Books; rolls and parchments with pretended magical inscriptions.—Fifty thousand pieces of silver. Fruitless attempts have been made to fix the value of this sum in modern money. All that can be now known of it is, that it was a very large sum.

It was during this residence at Ephesus that Paul probably wrote the First Epistle to the Corinthians, as is more fully shown in the introduction to that book.

Silver shrines for Diana; silver models of the temple of Diana, a most magnificent edifice at Ephesus, celebrated all over the world.

But also, &c. They who, in public contests and discussions, are secretly contending for their own private ends, generally cloak their designs under pretended zeal for the cause of virtue and religion.

The theatre; a large edifice, used for public assemblages of all sorts.

Would have entered in; desirous of at least sharing the danger of his friends, even though be might not be able to avert it.

The chief of Asia; certain magistrates.

Who Alexander was, and what was the motive of the Jews in endeavoring to secure for him a hearing, is not known.

Which fell down from Jupiter. Such a legend was in circulation among the people. The great temple was built to receive the image which thus descended.

Spoken against; called in question.

Deputies; the magistrates appointed to try such causes.

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