Acts 5

Brought a certain part; pretending that it was the whole.

To lie to the Holy Ghost; by attempting a fraud upon those who were under the special influences of the Holy Spirit.

While it remained, &c. These questions imply that whatever sacrifices of property were thus made were entirely voluntary.

Wound him up; in preparation for burial.

Of the rest; that is, besides the common people mentioned in the last clause of the verse. The meaning is, the common people magnified him, but of the rest, that is, of the higher classes, durst no man, &c.

They that were with him; his associates and partisans.

Of this life; of this salvation; that is, salvation from sin by Jesus Christ.

Feared the people. We are often reminded, by such expressions as this, of the veneration and regard which the people entertained for the apostles.

This man's blood. This contemptuous mode of designating the Savior shows that their feelings towards him remained unchanged.

With his right hand; by his supreme power.

Gamaliel. One or two prominent men of this name appear in the secular history of those times. Gamaliel was the name of the early instructor of Paul. (Acts 22:3.)

Drew away, &c.; in an attempt, probably, to resist the tax.

To him they agreed; that is, so far as to spare the lives of their prisoners.

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