Ephesians 1

Hath chosen us—that we should be holy; hath designed and intended us to be made holy.

Of his grace; of his goodness and mercy.

Through his blood; through his sufferings and death.

The mystery of his will; the secret counsels of his will.

The fulness of times; when the full time had arrived.—Gather together in one, &c.; establish the kingdom of Christ, to which all things were to be subjected.

First trusted; hoped before in Christ; that is, who looked forward to salvation in him.

Spirit of promise; the Spirit which had been promised. (Acts 1:8.) The influences of the Holy Spirit upon the minds of Christians are often spoken of as the seal and evidence of their redemption.

The earnest; the pledge and assurance.—Until the redemption, &c.; until the time shall come for the full enjoyment of the possession thus purchased for us.

And revelation; that is, instruction in divine truth.

The hope of his calling; the nature and value of the hope which the calling of the believer opens before him.

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