Ephesians 2

Quickened; brought to life. This passage (1-10) is remarkable for the very strong and unequivocal language in which the efficient agency in respect to human salvation is ascribed to God alone.

The prince of the power of the air; Satan.

Dead in sins; that is, utterly lost in sin,—without life or hope.

In heavenly places; in the spiritual kingdom of Christ.

And that not of yourselves; even the act of faith through which salvation is bestowed, is not of yourselves. Thus not only the favor, but even the willingness to receive the favor, is the gift of God.

His workmanship; that is, in respect to the formation in us of the Christian spirit and temper.

Called Uncircumcision. This was then a term of reproach.—By that, &c.; by the Jews.—Made by hands; that is, bodily circumcision,—so designated to distinguish it from a spiritual state of obedience and faith which is sometimes called circumcision, as in Col. 2:11.

Strangers from the covenants; not included in the covenants.

Both one; both Jew and Gentile one in him.

The enmity; the ground of enmity; that is, of separation and of hostile feeling.—Contained in ordinances; in the Jewish ceremonial law.—One new man; one new community or body.

You which were afar of; the Gentiles.—Them that were nigh; the Jews.

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