Ephesians 3

The prisoner. This Epistle is supposed to have been written when Paul was at Rome, confined with a chain. (Acts 28:16, 30.)

The dispensation of the grace of God; the commission to make known the grace of God.—To you-ward; for your benefit.

The mystery; the hidden truth that the kingdom of the Messiah was to be extended to the Gentiles, as stated particularly in v. 6.—As I wrote afore, referring perhaps to what he had said in 1:3-13.

Whereof I was made a minister; that is, I was made the instrument of making known to the Gentiles these designs of God in respect to their salvation.

The fellowship of the mystery; the hidden counsel and design of God.

By the church; through the church; that is, by means of God's gracious dealings with the church.

Ye faint not; be not distressed and disheartened.—For you; for you Gentiles; not particularly for the Ephesians.—Which is your glory, which is for your glory; that is, his trials and sufferings were designed to be the means of promoting their eternal good.

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