Ephesians 5

Not convenient; not proper, not consistent with your Christian profession.

Who is an idolater; worshipping money as his god.

Vain words; vain and false excuses for such sins.

Sometime darkness; some time in darkness.

Are made manifest; their character is made manifest. The idea is that Christians should let their light—that is, their example of holiness and purity—shine; as this light would be the means of putting the wickedness of the heathen to shame.

Expressions analogous to these are found in Isa. 26:19, 60:1-3.

Of the body; that is, of his body, the church. The application intended to be made of this is expressed in v. 25.

This is a great mystery; that is, the love of Christ for the church, typified by that due from the husband to the wife; called a mystery, because it remained so long unrevealed. (Compare 1:9.)

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