Galatians 5

Be not entangled again; do not return again to the bondage of Jewish rites from which you have been delivered.

If ye be circumcised; if you seek salvation through this rite, and rely upon it as the ground of acceptance with God.

He is a debtor, &c.; that is, if he depends upon the law for justification, he must obey it in full.

Ye are fallen from grace; you give up all right to expect or hope for favor or mercy.

Wait for; depend upon. We are looking to that source as the ground of our reliance.

This persuasion; this idea that you must come under obligation to the Mosaic law.

A little leaven, &c.; that is, the error had arisen from the influence of a small number, though it had spread extensively among them.

His judgment; the just judgment of God.

It would seem from this passage that Paul had himself been charged with adhering to the necessity of circumcision.—Persecution; that is, from the Jews.—Is the offence—ceased; it would cease.

For an occasion to the flesh; for the indulgence of sinful propensities.

Ye shall not fulfil; ye will not fulfil.

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