Hebrews 11

The substance of, &c.; strong confidence in respect to, &c.

The elders; the persons living in former times; those enumerated in the sequel.

We understand; that is, we believe.

Of his gifts; of the nature and acceptableness of his offerings. (Gen 4:4.)

By faith; in consequence of his faith. (Gen. 5:24.)

Noah; Gen. 7:1-9.

Abraham; Gen. 12:1-4.

The land of promise; the land which had been promised him,—In tabernacles; in tents; that is, leading a wandering life in it, without having any permanent possession.

As good as dead; on account of his advanced age.

Not having received the promises; not having realized the fulfilment of them.—Embraced them; confided in them.

A country; another country; that is, a heavenly country, as explained in v. 16.

Gen. 22:1-10.

From whence also, &c.; that is, he did in fact receive him as from the dead. Whether the apostle here refers to the circumstances of his birth, as referred to in v. 12, or to the extraordinary interposition by which he was rescued from the sacrificial pile, is not certain.

Gen. 27:27-40.

Gen. 47:31. The word translated bed in our version of Genesis, is rendered by a word signifying staff in the Septuagint. See Heb. 10:5, and note.

Gen. 50:24-26, Josh. 24:32.

Ex. 2:2.—The king's commandment; Ex. 1:16, 22.

To be called the son, &c. to be attached to the court and the royal family.

The people of God; the Israelites.

The reproach of Christ; reproach like that which Christ endured; that is, contumely and suffering incurred for the benefit of others.

Ex. 14:

By faith; that is, the faith exercised by Joshua and his followers. (Josh. 6:12-20.)

Josh. 6:22-25.

Gedeon; Judg. 6: 7: 8:—Barak; Judg. 4: 5:—Samson; Judg. 14:-16:—Jephthae; Judg. 11:

The aliens; the idolatrous tribes of Canaan.

Women received, &c.; perhaps referring to the account commencing 2 Kings 4:8.—A better resurrection; a better salvation than deliverance from earthly sufferings.

Received not the promise; they did not realize the promised coming of the Messiah.

Some better thing; the gospel dispensation.—Without us; without our dispensation.—Be made perfect; have their desires and hopes fulfilled.

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