Hebrews 13

Some have entertained, &c.; referring, perhaps, to Gen. 18:2-8, 19:1-3.

Also in the body; and so liable to the same sufferings.

Your conversation; your life and conduct.

Ps. 118:6.

Them which have the rule over you; meaning their pastors and teachers.—The end of their conversation; the object which it is the end and aim of their lives to promote.

Not with meats. The meaning is, that the heart cannot be established,—that is, in holiness,—by attentions to distinctions of meats and other ceremonial rites.

They have no right to eat, &c.; that is, those cannot claim any share in the redemption of Christ, who still cling to, and depend upon, the ceremonial observances of the Mosaic economy.

Lev. 16:11, 14-16, 27.

Without the gate; without the gates of Jerusalem.

His reproach. The sending of the condemned beyond the gates of a city for execution, was considered as a token of additional reproach and in

Set at liberty. There has been much discussion in respect to the proper meaning of the words here rendered set at liberty. They might have been translated sent away. To what circumstances in the life of Timothy they allude, on either supposition, is not known.

They of Italy; the Christians of Italy. Paul is supposed to have been at Rome when this Epistle was written.

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