Hebrews 5

The meaning is, that every human high priest is ordained for the service and benefit of men in respect to their religious duties.

This honor; the office of high priest.

The quotation is from Ps. 110:4. It represents the Messiah as made a high priest by the declaration of God. The nature of the parallel intended to be drawn between Christ and Melchisedec is more fully explained in the seventh chapter.

Who; that is, Christ.—In the days of his flesh; of his life upon the earth.—Heard, in that he feared; in respect to that which he feared. (Luke 22:41-43.)

Yet learned he obedience, &c. he learned by experience the lesson of obedience in suffering.

Being made perfect; being raised to his state of exaltation and glory.

Called of God, &c.; as before explained, in v. 6.

Dull of hearing; slow of understanding.

The oracles of God; the revealed will of God.

Strong meat; substantial food,—referring to the difficult truths alluded to in v. 11.

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