James 3

Masters; teachers. The meaning is, Be not too ready to assume the office of religious teachers.—Knowing that we shall receive, &c.; that is, if unworthy. The meaning is, that a great responsibility is incurred by every one who attempts to guide and instruct others.

The governor; the helmsman.—Listeth; pleaseth.

Boasteth great things; exercises great power.

These expressions, in the unqualified form in which they stand here, are, of course, figurative. The intention simply is to represent, in the strongest manner, the difficulty of keeping the tongue in subjection.

Conversation; manner of life.

Glory not; that is, in your supposed piety,—And lie not, &c.; by pretending that your hearts are renewed, while it is plain that in their temper and disposition they are still under the bondage of sin.

This wisdom; such pretended wisdom or piety as this.

Of them; by them. The meaning is, that disputes and contentions are not the measures by which the cause of God is, to be promoted; the seed from which the fruits of righteousness are to be produced is sown in peace, by peaceable laborers.

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