John 15

The conversation which follows is supposed to have taken place between Jesus and his disciples, on their walk, near midnight, from Jerusalem towards the Mount of Olives.—The husbandman; the cultivator who has planted the vine.

Taketh away,—purgeth. These images are taken from the practice of the cultivator, who prunes away the barren branches, and endeavors to promote the health and thrift of those that are fruitful, by purging them of whatever is injurious, as moss, insects, and portions decayed.

Now ye are clean; like the branch of the vine purified, as mentioned above.

Except it abide in the vine; remain connected with the vine, so as to draw from it nourishment and support.

In you; in regard to you; as if it were, "That my joy in you might remain," &c.

The servant knoweth not, &c. is not intrusted with a knowledge of his master's designs.

They had not had sin; such aggravated sin.

In their law; in their Scriptures, often called the law. Expressions similar to the quotation here made, are found Ps. 35:19, and 69:4, though the language is somewhat varied.

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