John 9

Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents; that is, as the cause of his blindness.

While it is day; while I have opportunity. This seems to be mentioned as a reason why he should not postpone relieving the blind man on account of its being the Sabbath. (v. 14.)

We are left entirely uninformed in respect to the object and design of these measures. We observe, however, that, by thus doing something himself which might be considered as work, and requiring some action on the part of the patient, he came more directly into collision with the superstitious punctiliousness of the Pharisees, in respect to the observance of the Sabbath day.—Siloam, a fountain and basin of water in Jerusalem, very highly esteemed.

A sinner; an impostor.

Be put out of the synagogue; by a sort of excommunication.

Thus referring them to their son, in order to avoid the responsibility of expressing an opinion themselves.

Give God the praise; that is, fear God, and confess that this is an imposture. See Josh. 7:19, for a similar expression.

Did not hear; did not regard it.

That ye know; not profess or pretend not to know.

Of God; from God.

Born in sins; born marked with visible tokens, as they supposed, of the divine displeasure.

Who is he, Lord? perhaps not knowing that Jesus was the one who had restored him; for, as he hid not seen him before, he could not now have recognized him, but by his voice.

Which see not; which: think they see not; that is, are aware of their blindness and ignorance.—They which see; think they see.—Made blind; convinced of their ignorance, and made humble and lowly-minded.

If ye were blind; conscious of your blindness and ignorance.

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