Mark 16

They came, &c.; perhaps at different times and in different parties; for it would seem that the incidents which occurred to Mary Magdalene (John 20:2-18) were very different from those which attended the visit of the other Galilean women. (Luke 24:1-9.)

A young man; that is, the appearance of a young man.

And Peter; that is, particularly Peter, who, remembering his denial of his Lord, might fear, perhaps, that he was not included in this invitation to meet him again.—As he said unto you. Before his death, Jesus had signified his intention to meet his disciples in Galilee after his resurrection. (Matt. 26:32.)

A more full account of this interview is contained in Luke 24:13-31.

And he said unto them; on another occasion, just before his ascension.

With signs following; with the miracles by which their preaching was attended.

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