Matthew 22

And they would not come. The idea is, that this refusal to join in a celebration made in honor of the prince, was an expression of dislike and opposition to his own and his father's government and authority, and was punished as such. The parable represents the repeated invitations which were addressed at first to the Jews, to receive and honor Jesus, the Son of God,—their refusal, and their punishment,—and the subsequent admission of the Gentiles, in their stead, to the privileges of Christianity.

By appearing in an unsuitable dress on such an occasion, he evinced an utter want of all real attachment and respect for his sovereign. He represents the insincere professor of religion, who intrudes into the church of Christ, without being clothed with the spirit of piety.

Few are chosen; chosen and led to come.

Herodians; the partisans of Herod.

Their wickedness. Had he decided against paying tribute, the would have accused him of treason.

Moses said; Deut. 25:5, 6.—Seed; children.

Ye do err; in imagining the future life to be similar, in its circumstances and relations, to the present.

The argument is, that God would not have said, I am the God of Abraham, &c., if the persons referred to were no longer in existence.

Hang; depend. All duties are included in these two principles of love to God and love to man.

The Jews supposed that the Messiah would be an earthly monarch, making Jerusalem the metropolis of an empire of undefined extent and grandeur. This question was intended to show them how little they understood the real nature and the true dignity of the Messiah's kingdom.

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