Philippians 1

Timotheus. Timothy must have been well known to the Philippians, as he accompanied Paul in both of his visits to the city mentioned in the Acts. (Acts 16:1-3,12, 20:4, 6.)—Bishops. The word in the original means overseers. See Acts 20:28, where it is so translated; and in this last case the same persons are called elders, a few verses above. (v. 17.)—Deacons. The deacons were originally appointed to attend to certain secular concerns. (Acts 6:) Whether the term here denotes an office of a similar nature is uncertain. Great importance has been sometimes attached to these incidental allusions to the internal economy of the early church; but it is impossible to deduce my well-defined system from them, conformed to modern ideas. There is reason to believe that the arrangements made by the early churches were not reduced to any formal and uniform system.

Until the day of Jesus Christ; the day of his final coming.

In my bonds; referring to his confinement as a prisoner at Rome.—In the defence and confirmation of the gospel; in my efforts to defend and establish it.—Partakers of my grace. The meaning seems to be that, in all the scenes through which he had to pass in the exercise of his ministry, they were present to his thoughts, and spiritually united with him.

In the bowels of Jesus Christ; in Christian affection.

The things which happened unto me; his apprehension at Jerusalem, and his being conducted, as a prisoner, to Rome, as narrated in the concluding chapter of the Acts.

My bonds in Christ are manifest; that is, it is known that my imprisonment is on account of my testimony in behalf of the gospel.—The palace; the pretorium; the quarters, perhaps, of the officer mentioned in Acts 28:16, as the captain of the guard.

Waxing confident; encouraged, perhaps, by Paul's fortitude and constancy.

And the supply; that is, through the supply of that Spirit to him.

Is Christ; is to be wholly devoted to Christ.

In the flesh; in the body.

For your furtherance and joy of faith; to promote your advancement and happiness in faith.

Your conversation; your life and conduct.

Which is to them; that is, their hostility is to them, &c.

In the behalf of Christ; for the sake of Christ.

Which ye saw in me; referring to the persecutions which he endured when he was at Philippi. See Acts 16:9-40.

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