Philippians 4

Of the persons or occurrences here referred to, nothing is known beyond what is implied in these allusions.

Moderation; mildness and gentleness of character.

Hath flourished; has been brought into action; referring to the supply which he had received from them through Epaphroditus. (v. 18.)—Ye were also; ye always have been. The idea is, that he did not doubt that they had always entertained the same affectionate regard for him, but until then they had had no opportunity to evince it.

To be abased,—in respect to his temporal condition; that is, to be in want.—I am instructed—to be; I am trained to be; that is, I am habituated to it.

Not because, &c.; that is, he mentions these things not because, &c.

An odor of a sweet smell; a token of remembrance which was very highly gratifying to him.

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