Revelation of John 15

Filled up; fulfilled, consummated.

A sea of glass; that is, a pavement, level and extended like a sea, and formed of materials of the greatest brilliancy and splendor.—The beast, the one described 13:11-18.

The song of Moses; a song expressive of the same sentiments with those of the song which Moses sung after his deliverance from the Egyptians. (Ex. 15:1-19.)

The tent under which the ark was sheltered during the journeyings of the children of Israel was called the tabernacle of the testimony, or the tabernacle of witness, as it contained, in the manifestation of the divine glory which appeared between the cherubim, a testimony or evidence of the divine presence and protection. The temple of this tabernacle is the inner or most sacred part of it.

Vials; vessels of a peculiar form, used in the sacred services of the temple.

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